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Next Generation Proteomics Solutions

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We are excited to share the latest updates and news related to our next-generation proteomics software suite and reference peptide kits.

Webinar: Class I and II Neoantigen Mapping in Colorectal Cancer

We are pleased to announce that Marco Tognetti, Principal Scientist at Biognosys will speak at the Covaris' webinar on November 16. Marco will present how Biognosys’ software solutions and Covaris’ technology can be used to generate high-quality identifications in cell line and tissue immunopeptidomics in MSI-high colorectal cancer.

Meet SpectroDive 11

Did you know that we recently released SpectroDive™ 11? The new version of our software for targeted proteomics includes ion mobility support for prm-PASEF and FAIMS-PRM, the addition of calibration curves, and improved peak picking. Discover the most seamless way to validate and quantify your protein targets below.

Watch Our SpectroDive 11 Launch Seminar

Our SpectroDive 11 launch seminar is now available. Watch it to find out what’s new in SpectroDive 11 from our CTO, Lukas Reiter, and learn how our guest speakers’ Therese Dau (Leibniz Institute on Aging) and Teresa Barth (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) have applied the software to their targeted proteomics projects.


Learn Even More About SpectroDive 11

One of the most exciting features of SpectroDive 11 is the addition of calibration curves. In our latest tutorial, Fabia Simona from our Product Support Team demonstrates how you can use calibration curves in your targeted proteomics analysis using SpectroDive 11.

Visit our website to learn more about how our software and kits can support your proteomics research or reach out to our Support Team.

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